Monday, May 18, 2009

green and white herringbone floor tile inspiration

Tile inspiration via Katie Did and Morocco Modern by Herbert Ypma.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Structo Artcraft loom

Can you tell I'm all about weaving lately? I just picked up this Structo Artcraft loom I recently won on eBay. It is a small 4 harness table loom for weaving no wider than 20". Everything works perfectly, I just need to get all the rust off and change the heddles - my weekend project. Hmm, so how do you get rust off??? May take longer to restore than expected. Regardless, I'm excited! Structo was the toy company who made these looms in the 1920's. It reminds me of the Gocco.

paper weaving

i love this concept... weaving patterns together to form more patterns from here. paper was used in this example.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

bedside table

I love the idea of this bedside table from House Beautiful Via Apartment Therapy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

weaving: finished scarf

Quick pic of my finished scarf....

weaving: grey shawl

Setting up the loom for my next weaving project - a muted purple/grey shawl with a peachy flesh tone (very calvin klein), and a pop of white, black and green mixed yarn. Will also be adding silver and darker grey after deciding to do a shadow weave. That's a 120" warp for a nice long 80" shawl. Love the colors, but we will see....

city at night

I love this view from a friend's front porch.


I made a big 3 gallon jug of lemonade with lemons from our Meyer lemon tree last Sunday for Mother's Day. It was SOOO good and refreshing! Today I picked this last harvest of the year for a co-weaver who will make lemonade for her daughter's graduation party.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


After 3 months, our pearl grey TOGO has finally arrived. Hooray! Phenomenal couch - iconic, comfortable, and most importantly, made sustainably. Ligne Roset is in rural France so they have no choice but to be efficient in their production process. The natural foam inside contains no CFC's and the wood panels inside contain lower levels of formaldehyde than the norm. Thought I would need to let it off gas it outdoors this afternoon, but there is hardly any "new couch" smell at all. Glues for the assembly of the frame and foam are water-based meaning no solvents are being released into the atmosphere.The Alcantara upholstery is cleaned using baby wipes per the sales lady and is backed by several certifications.

This is just the beginning of some long awaited remodeling and redecorating we will be doing this year. I have been holding off for many reasons, but mostly to research the sustainable route. Worth the wait!

black tile

This soft matte black tile with cream grout is just lovely.... Is it from Inside Out magazine?? Jon??

Owl Drug Company

Walking through Old Town Pasadena last night and spotted this great relic at the front door of JCrew. Wish I would've been around for The Owl Drug Company :)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

bamboo iphone cover

Ooo, I might have to green my iphone with this recycled bamboo cover. It's made from 40% reclaimed bamboo from scaffolding and chopsticks :) Comes in several colors. This one is called mushroom.