Thursday, June 29, 2006

reaching super cozy

It's a very hot summer day in June. I am sitting at my local air conditioned coffee shop finally able to think at a normal temperature. What do I have to do to create an ideal state of super cozy? Super cozy = having my own schedule, being with my family, my friends, being inspired and creative, saving the environment, and my health... not being all over the place and having a sense of responsibility for what I am doing.

I've been in the corporate world for what, a decade, YIKES, BUT.. this means I am finally able to quit my corporate job in graphic design and switch over to freelance. Now, I have time (check), freedom to be with my family (check), time also means I can go to yoga twice a week which gives me my health (check), I'm ok so far. I heard somewhere that you have to think about what you really want in a literal way - where will you be standing, what will the room look like, what will you be doing, how will you be feeling... this way when you see your opportunities you will know right away what's in front of you. hmm.