Monday, December 29, 2008

Pepe rolling over

Got a new video cam for christmas! It's my new toy. Here's Pepe rolling over :)


It's Pepe! We met for the first time at Jon's holiday dinner. Yes, he's that cute!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pink Tree

Every year, this neighbor will light their tree up with pink and orange spot lights. With the red autumn leaves, it's sooo pretty!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sig Lindberg - American Craft 1958

What a beautiful cover. Classic, yet feels so fresh and modern. It's an old cover by Stig Lindberg of American Craft Magazine from Oct 1958. Each issue, the magazine will dig into their archives to share the best of their past. I would love one of each of these little plates...

polaroid heart

An idea in an effort to be more thankful for the people in my life... from ATLA.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

homemade sale sign

Before going to the Julie Vogel Sale in South Pasadena, we grabbed some breakfast on Mission and happen to see all the wonderful handmade signs for the sale up and down the street. Visually, they remind me of colorful granny quilts with touch of the typographical elements (not the heavy message!) in Tracy Emin's work. This one was at the metro stop.

holiday sales sales sales!

Gosh, lots of sales this year - and lots telling us to skip malls and support the little guys! YES! These are ones I'm going to try to hit this weekend. Must not forget to bring reusable bag!!

Unique Los Angeles - things you won't find at malls - Kumquat will be there!

Eco Gift Festival - lots of good eco gift buying!

Julie Vogul's Sale - a yearly gathering of local craftistas! 2012 Fremont, South Pasadena, CA 11-5 today only is also having a spectacular sale - bought a bunch of guy gifts. link to sale page here.

past ones i gotta remember for next year...
Uncle Jer's Friends and Family Holiday Sale
Center for the Art ER Fundraiser
Felt Club
the crafty fair at Good Magazines headquarters
Viridis Luxe sample sale
one in Silverlake that I missed, I think it's going to be weekly flea market, yay!

more Yuka Candy

I have been a helper in Yuka's kitchen with her organic candies this holiday. Not only have I been tasting everythig, I've been learning a thing or two about baking and being in the kitchen - lucky me, I think! These are the fruits of our labor - semi sweet chocolate truffles, buttery cashew brittle, dark chocolate truffles, toffee, pecan squares (my favorite!!!) and shortbread cookies. I have been cutting the pecan sqaures into quarters and savoring each bite with a cup of tea. Working together is so telling about how particular/perfectionists we each are about every detail including re-forming the shortbreads when they melt out in the middle of cooking! Each piece is seriously handcrafted - sometimes not time friendly, but definitely resulting in perfect product. One client of mine expects these candies every year!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

candy box

Cute candy box from Yuka's the other night. She added her collapsible tote to the box of goodies.

swimmer stickers

You can always find the most interesting things at Yuka's house - these are tiny stickers of ladies swimming... who knew?


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Chamberlain Hotel

Waiting to meet a friend for dinner in the Chamberlain Hotel lobby by Kelly Wearstler. It's amazing how this small space is so faceted and feeling so enormous.

rainbow in the sky

Snapped this rainbow in the sky yesterday afternoon. It was dry on our side and rainy on the other side of town.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

new printed totes

I have 3 new roll up tote bags in the supercozy esty shop! These are the three babies I've been laboring over the past few weeks. Sold them at the Eagle Rock Holiday Fundraiser yesterday afternoon. Also had my stretched fabric, some "star" jars for fun, voile fabric I made into scarves, and little scrap fabric pom pom ornaments... Here's Satoru, my little helper, caught sneaking a cookie!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Pie Raiser

We inhaled Edith Abeyta's homemade apple pie for dessert tonight. She's "baking for art." I especially love her ceramic pieces. This is one of a pair of plates I bought from her Pie-Raiser booth at the holiday sale.


Solar Star Jar

Inspired by the homemade sun jar project, I made my own star jar with solar LED hoilday lights and a jar with a clear lid. Sold them yesterday for fun at the ER holiday sale at cost. Two girls bought one for their mother who is an astronomer! I love that!

moon and two stars

The moon and two stars I came home to last night... like friends hanging out over a cup of tea, watching the evening sun set...

Update Dec 5 : So according to Kurt and my weaving teacher Carolyn, that Nov 30th night was the moon, Jupiter and Venus (the two brightest planets), historically aligned to have that cup of tea together.