Monday, December 24, 2007

happy holidays!

christmas lights that the babies cannot stop looking at, overflow of presents under the tree, overflow of friends and relatives, turkey, ham, pancit, egg rolls, sushi, portos cheese rolls, veggie meatloaf for the vegetarians, and good wine of course, white elephant gift game because we are too many to give, santa hats, perfect 70 degree So-Cal weather and karaoke till midnight! happy holidays!

image: my silver themed tree

newspaper wrap

Wrapped the white elephant gifts using less than 1 monday daily newspaper and previously used brown bags for the company party. Added ribbon so it seemed less like trash to people who are used to holiday wrapping and it became the cheapest, coolest wrapping paper around! 


Sunday, December 02, 2007

roll-up bags

Barely got it together for a Holiday Sale I did this weekend in Eagle Rock. I sold my towels, cards and the newest item... these roll-up bags I made using organic cotton totes, some natural ribbon and snaps. It was fun doing the snaps, although I could feel it in my shoulder the next day. The two designs are also new, S-Curve in navy and Madrid in pink. Already have it in the shop, but will be working on better photos this week....