Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Staycation: Norton Simon

Last Friday night we stopped by the Norton Simon Museum before going out to dinner. I've been thinking about our version of a stay-cation and am finding that there is still so much to explore in the 5 mile radius of which we live. It was a neat feeling to realize that we lived just a mile or so away from world reknown artwork like Cezanne's "Tulips in a Vase", Van Gogh's "Portrait of a Peasant", and dozens of bronzed ballerina sculptures and paintings by Edgar Degas just to name a few. I loved the dramatic lighting of this piece (not sure who artist is, but they have one at the Getty too!) in the sculpture garden. Those are Heath Ceramics tiles on the building. Since it was the first Friday of the month, admission was free.


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