Friday, September 05, 2008

Library Cards

I just recently re-discovered public libraries. I am doing research on recycled PET, the polyester fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, and am amazed at how easy and convenient it was to find what I needed. I've gone to the library to donate books, but it's probably been over 10 years since I've actually checked anything out.

Los Angeles Central Library has their most of their catalog online, so you can see what books they have by topic, and see if it is available or checked out. If it's not in the building, you can see it's route throughout the other branch libraries. Amazing. Public libraries are way more caught up than other public services.

In any case, this privilege has been curbing my book buying habits and even better, my magazine buying habits. A lot of new books are re-packaged version of the old thing, but I can't deny that new ones are updated and more aesthetically pleasing.

The other great part -- reading in a mostly quiet, air conditioned place!!


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