Friday, September 26, 2008

The Bike

I finally got on the bike and ran errands today. Returned some library books (what a nerd), got a carrot juice to ward off sickness from the change in weather, sat at the coffee shop to do a little work, and even stopped by the farmers market to find some eggplant for dinner. This might sound like a typical senario for some, but for me - HUGE.

Admittedly, I'm not an athlete... which can explain why this new bike and cute basket have been sitting in the garage for the whole summer. Another reason might be all the damn hills here in ER! But something possessed me to set up the basket, figure out my lock, load up my backpack and basket with books, and just take off. Maybe it was to keep my green momentum going?

So not only did I get things done, save gas and emissions, I got a 30 minute workout in too.

Now home, I am enjoying the reward of a fan blowing on full speed and a cold glass of water. Next on my list - composting.... yikes!



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