Monday, February 19, 2007

nylon grocery bag

A few years ago I bought this mini bag (left) at Muji in japan. I just thought it was the most brilliant thing. It was a nylon bag in the shape of a typical plastic grocery bag stuffed into a little 2"x4" pouch. Of course, I gave Muji all the credit, because, hello, they're Muji, the brilliant no name brand. Nothing against canvas bags, but these are so much easier. They're so so small, kind of like the plastic raincoats that used to given out for shwag. If i can commit to fitting it in my fanny pack, it must be good! Well, I finally found them stateside (right pouch) at and plan to disperse a few throughout my car, my purses and my family as holiday gifts. The main difference are the pouches, Muji's is separate from the bag and R.B,'s is attached on the inside. I prefer the latter. Here they are expanded.



Anonymous visitor by way of happy mundane :) said...

Thanks for the tip on these! I just ordered two.

10:01 AM  

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